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Dance sessions

Every Tuesday (unless it is a parks or national holiday - see below) from about 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

DANCING began again on Tuesday Jan 28  !!!

The new location is :
Kirkland Community Senior Center

352 Kirkland Avenue   KIRKLAND WA

(NOTE THIS if you are not familiar with this area :
it is also known as Peter Kirk Community Center, their map & directions use the "Senior" name but most of the street signs use "Peter Kirk",
Therefore DO use the map link above which clearly shows the location and directions.
There is plenty of parking on either side unless there is a function at the Performance Center.
In any case, you can use the Library & street parking).

So what sort of music do we play ?
All the traditional Folk AND Ballroom favourites plus line dances, sets (squares or contras) and mixers to international music on a computer, tapes or CDs.

Waltz, Polka, Two step variations & pattern dances along with Ragtime, Swing, Tango, etc etc.

Teaching/walk thrus for the first hour - requests &  "anything goes" after that till closing.
In addition, you can bring a thumb drive, tape or CD tune for us to copy and then it will be played as often as its popularity demands !

No partner necessary.  Come by yourself or bring friends.
$10, $8 for Kirkland residents
, credit cards OK.
Paying by the month is $7.50 for everyone.

What our regulars like is that every dance is a little different.
For instance, although I am very enthusiastic about either waltz, tango, swing and certain line dances, I don't want to do the same thing all night. So just like our weather, wait 3 or 4 minutes, and there is a completely different atmosphere !

"No dance" days

Since we rent a Parks building room, we cannot run a dance on any major holiday period day when it falls on a Tuesday.
These possible days are July 4, Veteran's Day (November 11), December 24 & 25 (Christmas eve & day), December 31 & January 1 (New Year's eve & day).

The first one of these did not occur until December 25, 2012.
Then there was  December 24 and December 31, 2013,
and next is November 11, 2014.

Thus, other than some situation beyond our control, such as snow, there will be a dance on almost EVERY Tuesday for years !

Everyone note this :

If we have your CURRENT phone number(s) & email address - we can then notify you of changes.

....... and we do much more than dance ........

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