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All fees and other information effective as of July 1, 2009. Fees are subject to change without notice.
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General Information

  • All rates are calculated as "per image" unless otherwise noted.
  • Fee rates are adjusted at a 50% discount for non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations.
  • Permission is for non-exclusive world use as part of a specified work in a specified medium (usage category) in all languages and all editions during the term of the work's copyright and all renewals.
  • Publication in a different medium (usage category) constitutes reuse and must be separately and/or explicitly authorized by The Mountaineers.
  • In authorizing use, The Mountaineers do not surrender their right to publish or their right to grant permission for others to do so.
  • All reproductions must be credited to The Mountaineers.
  • Prepayment of all fees, including use fees, is required before permission is granted. Default in payment shall immediately revoke permission.
  • The user agrees to send The Mountaineers one copy, best edition, of the work containing the reproduction at no charge.

Research and Duplication Services

  • No charge for first half-hour of research time. Additional research charged at the rate of $20 per hour (1/2 hour minimum).
  • No charge for first two photocopied pages. $0.25 per copy after that.
  • Fee to make a scan or digital photocopy - $10
  • Please note that research charges are separate from duplication and mailing charges.

Postage and Handling

  • 1st class U.S. mail (photocopies)
  • Under 5 pages - $1.00
  • 5-39 pages - $3.50
  • 40-59 pages - $5.00
  • CD/DVD burn (includes shipping costs, if within U.S.) - $10.00

Usage Category - Books

  • This category includes CD-ROM distribution; does not include internet distribution.
  • Images used as book covers are calculated at 2x the fee rate.
  • Fee rate is adjusted at 50% of listed price, for either non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations or book authors with self-published works under 2,999 copies.
  • Under 2,999 copies - $20
  • 3,000-9,999 copies - $30
  • 10,000-24,999 copies - $60
  • 25,000+ copies - $120

Usage Category - Internet

  • Editorial usage online - $25
  • Commercial or advertising usage online - $100
  • Internet usage fee may be assessed in addition to other use fees listed.

Usage Category - Movies

  • Local use - $10/second
  • National or world-wide use - $20/second

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