Lodge From Outside

The Mountaineers and Mt. Baker Lodge take our commitment to the environment seriously. As a member, you lend your voice to our efforts to preserve and protect wilderness and natural areas. Our recreational activities have an impact on trails and wilderness, so we also organize work parties to help give something back. Many of our courses also require their students to complete a stewardship component prior to graduation.


Would you like to help run a lodge for a weekend? Would you like to run a kitchen for a weekend? Enjoy painting, electrical, plumbing, or carpentry work? If so, contact the Baker Lodge Committee Co-chair Dale Kisker Dad and son electric company (206-365-9508, or dskisker@comcast.net), or Co-chair Becky Morgan (360-793-4974, or campma@peoplepc.com). We'll show you how to enjoy the fun and beauty of Mt. Baker while helping to make a great lodge go.

Improvements: The Baker Lodge Committee is in the process of developing a long-range plan for improving the lodge. Improvements will include enclosing under the dining room to create a multi-purpose room and increasing the size of the restrooms. Improvements to the main floor and dormitories are also anticipated. We welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Donations: The Baker Committee greatly appreciates the $10,000 donation by the Everett branch of the Mountaineers to fund improvements to the lodge. The total cost of the planned improvements isn't known at this time but it will cost more than $10,000. If you have questions about the improvements or are interested in donating please call Dale Kisker at 206-365-9508 or dskisker@comcast.net